a node-based processing framework

Take control of your data pipeline. No matter how big or small, iograft helps you design and visualize more manageable and adaptable processes.

Why iograft?

Data pipelines have grown increasingly complex and hard to maintain.
iograft aims to address this complexity in four key areas:


With nodes as the building blocks of more complex processes, iograft simplifies the development process and lowers the barrier to entry into pipeline design.


Designed to integrate into your existing workflows, iograft features a flexible plugin system allowing it to be customized for your specific needs.


Visualize the data flowing through your pipeline in realtime through iograft’s user interface. Quickly identify and address issues as they arise.


Reduce the amount of user and engineering hours spent building, maintaining, and debugging processes so you can focus on the results of that processing.

Break down complex pipelines with nodes.

Nodes in iograft represent a single unit of processing. With explicit inputs and outputs, nodes can be reused, exchanged, and upgraded without affecting the pipeline as a whole.

Author & monitor processes with ease.

With an intuitive visual interface for building and monitoring processing graphs, iograft allows both engineers and non-engineers to design and interact with data pipelines like never before.