Build more flexible & maintainable automated processes

Take control of your data processing pipeline. iograft is a node-based processing framework and visual programming tool designed to help develop, visualize, and automate workflows no matter how simple or complex.

Key Features

Pipeline Authoring
A node-based framework and visual programming tool for workflow automation.
Transparent Processing
Track the status of your processes and inspect the data flowing through each node.
Efficient Debugging
Quickly identify and resolve errors and discover pain points in your workflows.
Seamless Integration
Designed to run within and between your existing applications and tools.

Simplify complex processes with nodes.

Nodes in iograft are blocks of Python code that represent a single "unit" of processing. With explicit inputs and outputs, nodes can be reused, exchanged, and upgraded without affecting the process as a whole.

Design & monitor processes with ease.

With an intuitive visual interface for building and monitoring processing graphs, iograft allows both engineers and non-engineers to design and interact with automated workflows like never before.

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Reduce the amount of engineering time lost to debugging.

Pinpoint the source of errors quickly and efficiently. Inspect the data coming into and out of nodes, and easily re-run failed nodes with new inputs.

Coordinate processing within and between your existing tools.

iograft's Python API allows it to be used within any Python-enabled application. With support for managing processes that span multiple applications and environments, iograft enables next-level connectivity.

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